Stage 1

The development of acoustic elements and software for controlling sound generation is individual for each car model—the location, composition of the system, and acoustic characteristics of the car body are considered. ENGINEVOX systems, depending on the number of external acoustic elements, are divided into 4 Stage levels.

The Stage 1 is the most accessible level of ENGINEVOX systems. Decent sound and the basic stage of the potential of ENGINEVOX systems. It usually includes 3-4 speakers, depending on the make and model of the car on which the electronic exhaust will be installed. The speakers have a high-precision engine sound generator, sound amplifier, brackets, and cables for installation and switching.

Stage 1+

The Stage 1+ level is the optimal choice in terms of price and potential of the electronic exhaust. Most often, the Stage 1+ configuration includes the same Stage 1 (3-4 speakers)  and two additional high-frequency speakers, but the composition of the kit may vary depending on the customer's car.

The external elements in the structure are thermally and moisture-proof. Aesthetically impeccable components of the systems are made of high-quality materials with multi-stage quality control.

Stage 2

The Stage 2 level includes Stage 1+ components and is complemented by low-frequency speakers for low pitch and heavy-duty speakers for even greater volume. Systems of this level include from 7 to 8 external acoustic elements, a high-precision engine sound generator with two powerful sound amplifiers, and a set of brackets and cables for complete installation and switching.

The company's specialists develop the ENGINEVOX electronic exhaust software as custom—each car model receives unique sound generation control software.

Stage 3

The Stage 3 level is the loudest package in the ENGINEVOX line. It has a low-pitched sound, including Stage 1+, an additional low frequency, and two heavy-duty speakers. They are complemented by a high-precision engine sound generator, two powerful sound amplifiers, and a set of brackets and cables for complete installation and switching.

Each complete set of ENGINEVOX products includes a set of presets that simulate the sound of the iconic V8 engines. Using the standard buttons in the car interior, the driver changes the operating modes of the system and switches the available sound options.

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