The company

ENGINEVOX specializes in a full production cycle of high-precision electronic acoustic systems that simulate the operation of exhaust systems of internal combustion engines.

The process of individual development includes a studio recording of raw sound from real ICE, computer processing and optimization of recorded sound, production of special acoustics using high-tech components, and the final layout of the system according to the required specification.

The unique competencies and long-term expertise of the ENGINEVOX technology company allow development from scratch sound design for vehicles, including hybrid, fully electric, and unmanned ones.

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To create high-quality engine sound design systems, we built a team of experts from quite different fields of knowledge, such as physics, acoustics, sound engineering, microelectronics, programming, as well as modeling, design, and production

Our company pays special attention not simply to the sound of cars, but to accurate sound modeling.

We strive to create the most detailed and authentic sound, focusing primarily on the high-precision compliance of the reproduced sound with all possible modes of engine operation and on the maximum realistic sound.

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 The ENGINEVOX production and technical base allows designing and producing electronic sound systems of various levels of complexity and performance. The main line of branded products includes turnkey sound design systems for the most popular car models.

To meet the demand for personalization, there is the possibility of custom development and configuration of systems. Trading companies, dealers, tuning studios, and service stations can order the design of a product according to individual specifications.

Technological cooperation with automotive enterprises and small-scale manufacturers involves placing orders for the design and production of sound simulation and alert systems for any means of transport, including models based on alternative power sources.

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 The outstanding characteristics and realistic sound of ENGINEVOX electronic exhaust systems are based on proprietary technologies developed by a team of sound-passionate specialists.

The control unit of the system receives an array of electronic data from the car engine in real time, which allows detailed control of the parameters of the output sound reproduction. The unique software processes the data of the engine operation mode and converts the audio signals sent to the amplifier. The final sound signal is transferred to specially designed acoustic elements that generate a highly accurate and realistic sound of a gasoline engine with an emotionally tuned exhaust system.

The one-of-a-kind sound recording process from real internal combustion engines and the technology for drafting diagrams to place acoustic wiring in hidden cavities of modern cars have also been developed by ENGINEVOX specialists.

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