Electronic active sound exhaust systems ENGINEVOX STAGE 1 for BMW X7 I (G07)

Electronic active sound exhaust systems ENGINEVOX STAGE 1 for BMW X7 I (G07)

The ENGINEVOX system receives data from the engine and generates an acoustic signal corresponding to the sound selected according to the user’s preferences. The acoustic signal is transmitted via a sound amplifier to speakers installed outside the car. The ENGINEVOX system re-creates an authentic exhaust sound both outside the car and inside.

Thanks to individual development, an impressive result is achieved:

  • The implemented sound power is comparable to the volume of a real car
  • Sound settings both outside and inside the car are made according to the exact characteristics of each car in all driving modes. It also accounts for the features of the structure of the car body and the location of the speakers
  • Individual algorithms allow the ENGINEVOX system to react very quickly and accurately at the slightest changes in engine operation
  • The ENGINEVOX system is integrated into the vehicle’s standard systems, and the sound corresponds to the selected driving modes
  • All functions of the system are managed by the vehicle’s regular controls
  • The system is installed without any modifications to the vehicle
  • An personal approach to the development of the system made it possible to create a truly realistic sound.

The system includes:

  • A high-precision engine sound generator with a high-power sound amplifier
  • A set of four high power speakers for external installation
  • A set of brackets and wiring for complete installation and switching
  • Three sound types for selection

Below you can listen and choose the most appealing sounds for you.

Choose your car and engine:

All sounds

The system includes the sounds below:

  • You have reached the limit!

    Mercedes-AMG G 63 (Akrapovič exhaust)

  • You have reached the limit!

    Range Rover Sport (custom exhaust)

  • You have reached the limit!

    Lamborghini Urus

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Electronic active sound exhaust systems ENGINEVOX STAGE 1 for BMW X7 I (G07)

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  • Mercedes GL63 AMG sound for BMW X7

  • Mercedes G63 AMG, Range Rover SPORT SUPERCHARGED and Lamborghini URUS sounds for BMW X7 M50d

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